It's not just TV...It's CRIME SCENE!

WEEKS 1 & 2: 9/28/02 - 10/5/02
/28/02 - 10/5/02
and then in WEEK 3, things change into...

WEEK 3: 10/12/02
Written by Donald Marshall
Directed by
Meredith Anne Patt
Based on an idea by Lisette Bross & Donald Marshall

Feeling blue?...
It's another Ground Breaking Original from CRIME SCENE!
Every Family has it's problems...

Tony Smurfano Adam Bitterman
Dr. Smurfi Julie A. Lockhart
Brawny Stan Freitag
Vanity Matt Saxe
Jokio Rob Brink
Pussy Frank Stasio
Strawberry Lisa Anne Nicoli
Field Haven Hartman
Tony Jr. Jordon Krain
Janette Ariadne Shaffer
Smurfia Rena Malin
Papa Uncle Junior Steve Rozic
The MonChiChi's Sondra Mayer
C.M. Gonzalez
Jesse Nickles
Wyatt Nickles
Tony Jr. Junior Jack Freitag
Augustus Hill Bashir Salahuddin
Ms. Gale Lisa Anne Nicolai
Sister Glenda Julie A. Lockhart
Tinman O'Reilly Philip Wofford
Vernon Scarecrowenger Brad Friedman
Tobias Bitcher Stan Freitag
McManus the Wizard Chauncey Deville
Naked Guys Aaron Francis
Andy Wolf
Toto Sasha
and Jacob Sidney as Father Gargamel!

Special Thanks to Sewing Goddess Julie A. Lockhart!



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