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December 19, 2001 | Print this page

A Very Crime Scene Christmas

Sacred Fools Theater  
660 N. Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles

     For the first time in its four-year run, the late-night comedy serial "Crime Scene" is presenting holiday-themed story lines in "A Very Crime Scene Christmas" at Sacred Fools Theatre.
     The mysterious writer Dr. Jeuss returns with a hysterically funny, foulmouthed follow-up to last year's "Who Slew Simon Thaddeus Mulberry Pew." Under the direction of Joe Jordan, the cast is pitch perfect. Pew (Rick Von Schnier), bitterly angry over receiving something worse than coal, is out to steal Christmas. Can the fuzzily green Whizzit (Dean Jacobson) save the world from disappointed, rampaging kiddies?
     Michael Farkash's "A Holly Jolly Marxist Christmas or Elves of the World Unite!," under the loose but forgivable direction of Paul Byrne, features the slave-driving Santa (Stan Freitag) plagued by a Marxist revolution led by Rudolph (Mikhail Blokh). The Easter Bunny (Kirstin Burbank) and Santa's old flame, the Tooth Fairy (Kara Leigh), come to his aid, but will Santa and the elves (Corey Klemow and David Tiktin) be united in time for Christmas?
     In a long death scene in "Naughtyville," written and directed by Andy Corren, Steve Vaught plays Eisenhower Ruthmore, the murdered mayor of Niceville. Eisenhower's son, Joey, a virginal 18-year-old with a pageboy haircut, falls in love with Emmy Jay (Rachel Dara Wolfe), the Naughtyville teenage pregnant whore. The lovers witness the murder, but only Emmy Jay knows the full extent of evil under the perfect exterior of Joey's mother, Mamie (Lori Funk).
     Silly and irreverently hilarious, these holiday tales have their concluding episodes on Saturday.
--JANA J. MONJI, Special to The Times

Through Dec. 22
Saturdays, 11 p.m.

Price: $7.
Tickets: Box office: 310-281-8337.

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