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We have employed the format of Analyze-Plan-Execute as our framework. This core is battle-proven, logically sound and universally applicable and as such, provided we stay grounded in reason, anything we build upon it will be equally so.





We have defined these goals because together they encapsulate the entire field of play and because of their universal applicability and scalability.

Philosophers and artists throughout history have visualized human beings as a blend of body, mind and spirit. They have also chronicled the problems that arise when there is a lack of harmony between the three. This is far more than a mere thought experiment or an artistic flourish: it is an intuitive grasp of a universal truth. One that is the basis for our entire approach to social justice.

We must address the issues that afflict the body, mind and spirit of our community. We must achieve Systemic Equality, Intellectual Clarity and Social Harmony.