SACRED FOOLS | ADVENT CALENDAR - A Mulholland Christmas Carol (Day 24)

It is safe to say that until 1900 no artist of any stature made commercial records. The only seeming exception was Ellen Beach Yaw, who cut several sides for Berliner's Gramophone in March 1899. But hers is the exception that proves the rule. Promoted as "Lark Ellen," Miss Yaw apparently was known more as a vocal gymnast than as a serious artist. Indeed, she is believed to have sung only two opera performances in her life. Among her dubious talents were an ability to sing an octave higher than normal soprano range and to perform a trill in thirds rather than seconds... her records illustrate these feats but little else. Surely, Lark Ellen was promoted not as a serious artist but as a freak curiosity, comparable to the boxing dogs, butterfly dances and occasional trick films that crowd early movie catalogues.  [ From ]

SONG:  Excerpt from "THE SKYLARK"
 Composed & Sung by Ellen Beach Yaw
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November 21 - December 21, 2008

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