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Livestream: Thurs, Aug. 20, 2020 @ 5pm PT
Remains online through Mon, Aug. 24, 2020 @ 5pm PT

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Missed these shows? They're back for a limited time - streaming "enhanced" readings, with their original casts Zooming from home... plus a few design elements!⁣ All shows will premiere live Thursdays at 5pm PT / 8pm ET and will be donate-what-you-can to support Sacred Fools.⁣

Thurs, August 20 @ 5pm PT
by Amy Dellagiarino
directed by Carrie Keranen

There's no place like home... to make you wanna kill somebody. Three grown "adult" sisters are thrust back into living together as a last resort after their various lives have fallen apart. This trio can't even agree on how to unpack their stuff much less their relationships and pasts. And before they can finish the bottle of vodka they found in the kitchen, everything goes from bad to worse, to a lot, LOT worse. Can they set aside their grievances long enough to work together and save themselves? Probably not. But with acerbic wit and an encounter with the pizza man, these three sisters aim to find out.

Livestream includes exclusive Q&A with cast & crew; the Q&A will not be availble on the replay!

The stream for this show will remain online for four days after the event - through 5pm on Monday, August 24! Plus - extra WATCH PARTY on Saturday, Aug. 22 @ 7:30pm PT, including a social call and Q&A; details here!

"This is a terrific production of a seriously fun show, and I recommend it highly." -Terry Morgan, Stage Raw (TOP TEN / RECOMMENDED)

"With hilarious deadly accuracy, playwright Dellagiarno's snappy dialogue captures the kind of put-downs and barbed comebacks only siblings who know each other all too well can use to pick at each other's psychic scabs... marvelously witty, literate banter." -Philip Brandes, L.A. Times

"A satisfyingly deep dark black comedy, 'The Value of Moscow' is soul satisfying... I am still laughing." -Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes

"...a crisp 65 minutes of beautifully nonsensical hilarity... really smart theater..." -Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move (RECOMMENDED)

Video Stream

The stream for this show will remain online through 5pm on Monday, Aug. 24!

Don't see the video below? Watch it on YouTube!

Cast & Crew Q & A

Tiffany Cole as Emily
Madeleine Heil as Rose
Julie Bersani as Clara
Gregory Guy Gorden as Cliff
Andres Paul Ramacho as Jimbo

Produced for Sacred Fools by Carrie Keranen
Associate Producer: Monica Greene
Crew/Effects: Page Ridgeway
Assistant Director: Lemon Baardsen
Scenic Design / Show Logo: Aaron Francis
Costumes/Props: Linda Muggeridge
Editing - Chris Wehba
Sound - Matt Richter
Additional Effects & Sound - Sean Petersen
Key Art: Mara Hesed

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Past Shows:

Thurs, July 9
by Madhuri Shekar
directed by Reena Dutt

They all have a million secrets. What's so bad about this one? The St. Catherine's drama club is struggling to put up its first school play - Sophocles' "Antigone." As if staging this tragedy in an all-girls Catholic school isn't challenging enough, the cast's beloved director ends up betraying them in an unforgivable way - and it's almost opening night! The cast must figure out the right course of action, all while rehearsing a classic play about impossibly difficult choices. What is the right thing to do? And must the show go on?

"...a #MeToo alarm blast of a play... a riveting young cast... Onstage, Dutt effectively tightened and released the story's tension... amid steam bursts of apprehension-relieving laughter... I was reviewing the play, designating it a Times Critic's Choice, but the show closed before the piece could be published." -Daryl H. Miller, L.A. Times | Read More

This show was pre-recorded, and the cast joined the director in the chat window during the livestream!


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Teaser Video!

Don't see the video below? Watch it on Facebook!

Madeleine Hernandez as Greta
Emma Mercier as Marilyn
Scarlet Sheppard as Susan
Jessica Ma as Tamsin
Jenny Griffin as Anna
Chloe Wray Gonzalez as Lily
Luis Fernandez-Gil as Jamie/Mr. Reed

Produced for Sacred Fools by Reena Dutt & Aaron Saldana
Sound Design - Dennis Peraza
Show Photography - Jessica Sherman Photography

Read about the original production

Thurs, July 16
by Dave Hanson
directed by Jacob Sidney

It is probably not their night. Ester and Val are understudies for a production of Waiting for Godot. They are committed to art, and frustrated by anonymity. They understand their purpose, but not the reasons they stay. They accept their fate, but question each other's motives, all while waiting for "him" to appear...

A "gleefully absurd" (Time Out New York) backstage farce packed with profound insight, existential dread, and shameless punchlines, Waiting for Waiting for Godot is the Beckett companion you didn't know you needed.

Bruno Oliver as Ester
Joe Hernandez-Kolski as Val
Julie Marchiano as Laura

Produced for Sacred Fools by Bruno Oliver
Assistant Director / Stage Directions - Marisa O'Brien
Show Photography - Jessica Sherman Photography


The stream for this show will remain online through 5pm on Monday, July 20!

Don't see the video below? Watch it on YouTube!

Read about the original production