We the People: "America, A More Perfect Union"

created, curated & directed by Kimberly Atkinson & Amir Levi

Monday, September 11, 2017

Proceeds from our first show on September 11, 2017 were donated to Tanenbaum - combating religious prejudice. The Tanenebaum Organization is a secular, non-sectarian nonprofit that promotes mutual respect with practical programs that bridge religious difference and combat prejudice in schools, workplaces, health care settings and areas of armed conflict.

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Works for Sept. 11, 2017:

Writers' Prompt: "America, a More Perfect Union"

"Bob and Cj" by Bob DeRosa
Bob DeRosa as Bob
Cj Merriman as Cj

"Pile On" by June Carryl
Teri Gamble as Black
Corey Klemow as Director
Isaac Deakyne as AD

"One Of Them Went to a Rally" by Ed Goodman
David Tran as 1
Bryan Bellomo as 2
Siaka Massaquoi as 3
Esther Mira as 4

"Fugaz de la piel Canela" by Giovanni Ortega
Victoria Ortiz as Fugaz
Mario Burrell as Piel Canela

"The Life of Riley" - written & performed by Marianne Davis Rago

"Financial First Aid" by Dana Resnick
Itanza Saraz as Yazmin
Kristyn Evelyn as Wendy
Isaac Deakyne as Player A
David Tran as Player B
Corey Klemow as Player C
Teri Gamble as Nurse

"Swipe Right" by Justin W. Sanders
Victoria Ortiz as X
David Tran as A
Gregory Guy Gordon as Y
Esther Mira as B

"All4Slaught" - written & performed by Greg Sims

"The Pen" by Diana Burbano
Adriana Colón as Talia
Marta Portillo as Mo
Cristina Frias as Lupe
Haviland Stillwell as A Voice

"I Too Am" by Triniti Daniel-Robinson
performed by Dawn Frances, Ruth Silveira , Mario Burrell & Esther Mira

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