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Serial Killers: Season 14

Late-Night Saturdays at 11pm
(no show Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving weekend)
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HOW IT WORKS: Each week, three continuing stories face off against two new tales. At the end of the show, you vote for the three stories that you would like to see continue on to next Saturday night, where their subsequent episodes will then be pitted against two completely new storylines. Each week's serials could live on for weeks... or be quietly smothered in their sleep – it’s up to you. But whichever pieces you vote for, one thing is for certain - by the end of the evening, you will be a Serial Killer.

Writers & directors, check out the NEW writers' guide; there are some new rules to the game this year - and exciting cash prizes sponsored by the Broadwater Plunge!

Performing on the Broadwater Second Stage (Entrance at 6320 Santa Monica Blvd.)

RECOMMENDED / BEST OF L.A. 2015 - L.A. Weekly! "...not only a phenomenal talent and play incubator of industrial scale but one of the surest late-night gut-busting laugh bets in town."

A "medley of hysterical chaos!" -SoCal.com

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Scott Builds a Tent
Episode 8

written by Brent Falcontooth
directed by JJ Mayes

A family drama.


Basil and Dick
Episode 5

written & directed by J. Baily Burchman

The same old song and dance. The same old thong and pants.


The Flock
Episode 2

written by Hill Bader
directed by Kristen Boulé

Nothing says Christmas in recovery like Noah’s ark for the kids.


PLUS TWO CHALLENGERS TBA! (Will one of them be YOU?)

Botch Bros. Run Errands
Episode 1

written by Zach Huddleston and Brandon Barrick
directed by Lauren Van Kurin

The Tag Team Champions of the worlds have a long to-do list.

Family Ties
Episode 1

written & directed by Pam Eberhardt

If you have a shitty family, kidnap a new one!

After the show, join us next door at the Broadwater Plunge while the votes are counted to find out which serials are coming back next week!

Shows sell out, so be sure to arrive early, or buy your tickets in advance!

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Visit Serial Killers Instant Video for video clips of the previous show's winners... usually posted by Monday or Tuesday after the show.

And check out the Archives later in the week to catch up on the storylines in more detail with synopses and photos in additions to the videos!