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Celebrate Season 11 of Serial Killers
with our annual fake awards!

There was no room in the schedule this year
for a live show, so the winners were announced on
Facebook during the run-up to Season 12!

Best Worst Accent (TIE)

The cast of Lord Wolfbane's Mistress
The cast of Salem Football Junkies of Salem
- Photo & Commentary -

Best Villain:

Monica Greene as "Madison"
from The Tobacconist
- Photo & Commentary -

Best Song:


lyrics by Amber Ruffin & Kevin Sciretta
by David Schmoll

from Bigfoot!
- Photo & Commentary -


Heaven & Earth by Annette Fasone
- Photo & Commentary -

Warmest-Hearted Monster:

Marz Richards
The Creeping Creeper Creeps
- Photo & Commentary -

Best Bad Dancing:

Pete Caslavka
The Dark and Mysterious Life of Jenelle Riley
- Photo & Commentary -

Best Product Placement:

Derek Jeremiah Reid for Colt 45
from Lando! The Musical
- Photo & Commentary -

Most Desired Spin-Off:

Cj Merriman & Travis Snyder-Eaton as "Laurie & Dale"
from Questions & Comments
- Photo & Commentary -

Best Celebrity Impersonation:

Michael Lanahan as Michael Bay
from Peter Fluet Presents the Peter Fluet Story by Peter Fluet
- Photo & Commentary -

Playoff MVP:

Lauren Van Kurin

Producers' Award:

Happy Trails to Heatherlynn Gonzalez
Light Board Op, Stage Manager, Sentient Cluster of Light
and to Marian Gonzalez
Longtime Serial Killers photographer
- Photo & Commentary -


Winners & Nominees
("Mosty" winners in Gold)

Most Tech:

Suze Campagna, Bo Powell, Ari Radousky
- Photo & Commentary -

Most Newcomer (The Newby Award):

Jordan Callarman, Stephanie Cannon,
Emily Clark, Christopher Salazar, Paul Turbiak
- Photo & Commentary -

Most Actor:

Bryan Bellomo, Pete Caslavka, Peter Fluet,
Mike Lanahan,
Bruno Oliver, Jacob Sidney
- Photo & Commentary -


Most Actress:

Shaela Cook, Rebecca Larsen, Cj Merriman,
Erika Rose, Lauren Van Kurin,
- Photo & Commentary -


Most Writer:

Zachary Bernstein, Padraic Duffy, Crystal Keith,
Scott Golden, Scott Leggett,
David LM McIntyre, Jenelle Riley
- Photo & Commentary -


Most Director:

JJ Mayes, Guy Picot, Jacob Sidney,
David LM McIntyre, Scott Leggett
- Photo & Commentary -


Most Overall:

Peter Fluet, JJ Mayes, David LM McIntyre,

Cj Merriman, Lauren Van Kurin