Sacred Fools Season 20

Serial Killers Playoffs
in the Hollywood Fringe

June 3-24, Saturdays @ 11pm

16 shows enter... 2 shows conclude.

NINTH ANNUAL PLAYOFFS! The 16 most popular serials of the year have already been narrowed down to eight! When the Playoffs return in June as part of the Hollywood Fringe, YOUR vote will kill two serials each week until only two are left standing to conclude their tales. But whichever pieces you vote for, one thing is for certain - by the end of the evening, you will be a Serial killer.

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Fast & Loose

Next: TBA

A FOOLISH TRADITION!  Several new plays are created in just 24 hours. We'll have time for sleep later.


Summer Theater Camp

July 19-30, 2017
Classes July 19-21 & 24-30, 9am-1pm
Performance Sun, July 30, 2pm

EXPLORE THEATER WITH US THIS SUMMER!  Kids ages 8-18 will have a chance to write, direct, and act in their own play. Our program culminates in a production of two original plays for our family and friends! All classes are held at the award-winning Sacred Fools Theater and taught by working actors who have performed on Broadway and in Regional theaters around the country.


Sacred Fools Season 21

by Anne Washburn
directed by Jaime Robledo (Watson, Stoneface, Astro Boy & the God of Comics)

FALL 2017

LOS ANGELES PREMIERE! After the collapse of civilization, a group of survivors keep the spark of human spirit alive by telling stories around a campfire. As the years wear on, these stories expand into the realm of myth. At turns sidesplitting and bone-chilling, Mr. Burns also features an unusual approach for the Fools: each act will be staged in a different theater space in the Fools complex, transporting the audience as we search for the light.


Photos by Marian Gonzalez , Aaron Francis & Joseling Jolieth

Serial Killers

Saturdays @ 11pm

Five shows enter... three shows leave.

NOW IN ITS TWELFTH SEASON!  Each week, three continuing stories face off against two new tales. At the end of the show, you vote for the three stories that you would like to see continue on to next Saturday night, where their subsequent episodes will then be pitted against two completely new storylines. Each week's serials could live on for weeks... or be quietly smothered in their sleep Ė itís up to you. But whichever pieces you vote for, one thing is for certain - by the end of the evening, you will be a Serial killer.

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Ten Tops

Second Mondays @ 8pm
Oct-Dec & Feb-Apr
(Performer signup: 7:30pm)
Next: April 10, 2017

An Ebulliently Eclectic Open Stage! Show us what you've got! In Sacred Fools' oldest ongoing show, ten performers get up to seven minutes each to do anything they want, from sketch comedy to dramatic readings to dance. Arrived too late to be one of the ten? "Charisma Round" performers get three minutes each! "Iím pleased to have encountered a night in which I didnít know what to expect, and was, every time, genuinely surprised and always entertained." ĖL.A. Splash Watch for TEN TOPS over the coming year on Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12, Feb. 13, March 13 & April 10.


The Sacred Fools Workshop Series

Sacred Fools launched its Workshop Series in order to provide opportunities for company members to expand and enrich material that is still under construction, outside of the pressure of production.  Learn more...

hosted by Emily Clark
produced by Michael Teoli & Emily Clark

Sunday, October 23 @ 7pm

20/20 EVENT #4: Join us as we celebrate Foolish original musicals from the last 20 years! Featuring music (and other surprises) from Dracula: A Musical Nightmare, Virtual Motion, Bukowsikal!, Gorey Stories, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Louis & Keely: Live at the Sahara, BeaverQuest: The Musical!, Savin' Up For Saturday Night, Forbidden Zone: Live in the 6th Dimension, CarnEvil: A Gothic, Horror Rock Musical, The Behavior of Broadus, Miravel, Skullduggery : The Musical Prequel to Hamlet AND MORE!


- Sacred Fools Company Member

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