3 Slasky Award 1999 Nominations!
Winner of Best Costume!

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The Case of the Dancing Billionares
Written by Robert Previto
Directed by Brad Friedman
Choreography by Babe Hack
1/23/99 - 2/13/99

ge_dc_head.jpg (2755 bytes) The Power Broker Rob d'Entremont ge_ge_head.jpg (2346 bytes)
AC Desi Doyen
DC Daintry Jensen
Static Brad Friedman
E. Lumins /
General Electrick
Adam Bitterman
Molly Mugtree Babe Hack
Mowgli Mugtree Patrick Towne
Shamus the Shopkeeper Scott Rabinowitz
Winston David Holcomb
Announcer Brad Friedman

General Electrick is the heroic guise and nom-de-guerre of the cerebrally challenged citizen, E. Lumins, a mild-mannered mainatenance man, who, whilst absent-mindedly changing a light bulb in a nuclear power plant one day, found himself instantly transformed into the brightest man on Earth, with the ability to shed light on any subject! Dubbing himself General Electrick, Lumins set out on a crusade to rid the world of all darkess and iniquity! So join him now, as he fights his darkest nemesis, the Power Broker, in The Case of the Dancing Billionairess!

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The brightest man on Earth!!!
Adam Bitterman is General Electrick!

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The man with the golden abacus!
Rob d'Entremont is the Power Broker, Master of Kinetic Energy!

ge_static_body.jpg (23468 bytes)
Nothing sticks to this moron!
Brad Friedman is Static, the incomprehensible toady!

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The dancing billionairess...in the flesh...nearly!
Babe Hack is Molly Mugtree!

ge_mowgliwinston.jpg (31000 bytes)
"That's billionaire splooge there!"
Patrick Towne is Mowgli Mugtree!
David Holcomb is his yummy lacky, Winston!