Lookadatt! Lookadatt!


CRIME SCENE'S 1st Anniversary Prime Time Award Show Spectacular!
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Produced by
Scott Rabinowitz
Danielle Surrette
Paul Plunkett
Jim Tosney
Adam Bitterman

Directed by
Scott Rabinowitz
Gerald McClanahan
Jenifer Hamel
Paul Plunkett
Michael Louden

Written by

Howard Rabinowitz
Paul Plunkett
Danielle Surrette
Brad Friedman
Joshua Rebell
Gerald McClanahan
Scott Rabinowitz
Jim Tosney

Musical Director

David Rodwin

Crime Scene Musicians
Charles Papert
David Holcomb
Paul  "Pistol Packin'" Ridenour

Lighting by
Aaron Francis

Sound by
Corey Klemow

Floor Manager
E. Lumins

Accounting by

Photographs by
Desi Doyen

Crime Scene's 1st Anniversary show was a sold-out, star-studded, trumped-up, award show spectacular!

But it wasn't just the audience that sold-out! We sold out everything by shamelessly revisiting favorite Crime Scene characters, death scenes and musical numbers from the past glorious year! If it worked before - why not run it into the ground?! And so we did, in one fabulous, gala, prime-time event!

Even a stunning appearance by a streaker could not mar this glorious evening, full of live music, dead bodies, and phony awards! If you missed it...well, you missed it. But we'll see you next year!


* Completely trumped-up.
** Even more trumped-up. But "winners" shown in red.
*** Awarded them anyway, cause it seemed like a funny conceit for our 1st Anniversary Show!

**** The only "real" award, as voted  by the audience on award night!
But they were pretty liquored-up by that point...

Best Couple
·June Bronson & Pico La Cienega from
City of Angles
·Nutmeg & Poison Pixie from ASHIRA 69
·Slasky & Wolf from Slasky & Wolf
·Rapture & Rott Weilah from ASHIRA 69
·AC & DC from The Shocking Adventures of General Electrick!


Best Costume (a tie!)
·The Women of Ashira from ASHIRA 69
·The Irene Plymouth Collection™ from All About Eva

·The Stuperfriends from The Stuperfriends
·General Electrick from The Shocking Adventures of General Electrick!

Best Death
·The Electrocution of Ted Wayne Dorkowitz from Cereal Killer
·The Beating of Norma Desmond from Andrew Lloyd Webber Must Die
·The Ascension of Laurel Doheny from City of Angles
·The Insisted Suicide of Senator Highland Stanley from City of Angles

anniv_songheistjump.jpg (20377 bytes)

Best Song & Dance
·The Mass Macarena from Slasky & Wolf
·The Bambi Ballet from The Bambi Ballet
·The Power Broker Rhumba from The Shocking Adventures of General Electrick!
·'Gotta Lotta Livin' To Do' from HEIST! The Musical!
·'Never Been to Me' from All About Eva

The Eugene B. Slasky Crime Scene
Lifetime Achievement Award

·Danielle Surrette - Co-Creator & Co-Producer of Crime Scene


Audience Achievement Award
·The Legendary Buck Silvertone
Presented for his persistent and dubious ability to sit through the show almost every week of our first year!

****Best Crime
(****Actually voted on by people - at the Awards Show!
Top three listed here.)
·The "Incident" at the Slate Building, Downtown from City of Angles
·The Murder of Aloha Barlow from All About Eva
·The Kidnapping of Po Po Dumpling from Flying Fists of Fury (aka Kung Fu)

anniv_cast.jpg (41293 bytes)
A sampling of the motley crew on hand to bring you The First Annual Slasky's™!

Photos! Photos! Photos!
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