Winner of a Slasky Award 1999 for Best Costume!

Written by George Larkin
Directed by J. Haran
4/24/99 - 5/8/99

A reprise of a "CRIME SCENE Classic(tm)"!All 3 Episodes performed 
on a Single Night on 7/22/00
as part of Summer Reruns!
Directed by George Larkin
& dedicated to the memory of J. Haran
New Actors in the rerun denoted in BLUE!

stuper_body_superman.jpg (6337 bytes)

The Narrator Adam Bitterman
Brad Friedman

The Green Lantern Jim Tosney
Richard Gustafson
Wonderwoman Laura Simon
Superman Stan Freitag
Batman J. Haran
Rob Brink
Robin Scott McShane
Lisette Bross
Bryan Bellomo
Jayna Susan Estes
Timbre Henning
Aquaman Sam Toffler
Zan Tom Roddy
Zack Eisenberg

The Flash Mark T.J. Lifrieri
Citizen Linda Miller
Stephanie Bell
Cat Scan Mark T. J. Lifrieri
George Hiller
Cat Nip Lisette Bross
Ho-Kwan Tse
Cat Aract Darrin Jaques
Paul C. Vogt
Cat Amarand Peter Allen Vogt
Cat Woman Abby Campbell
Amy Bryson
The Giant Lobster Scott Rabinowitz

Detective Biggs


Meanwhile, in the halls of the Justice League...someone is offing the Stuperfriends! Plastic Man, The Atom, The Flash, The Green Lantern! They're dropping like superhero flies! But don't worry, all the other superheroes are gettin' it on! Until Superman is arrested for murder! But was he framed? And will they ever find a use for Aquaman's abilities to converse with starfish? And will they ever remember where they parked Wonder Woman's invisible plane? Stay tuned...

stuper_herogroup.jpg (34468 bytes)
The Good Guys (and one bad Cat!) - from left, Stan Freitag, Laura Simon,
Jim Tosney, Susan Estes, J. Haran, Scott McShane, Sam Toffler

stuper_badguys.jpg (19565 bytes)
The Bad Guys (some of 'em) - Abby Campbell, Lisette Bross,
Darrin Jaques, Mark T.J. Lifrieri

stuper_batmanjayna.jpg (17278 bytes)
Together again? -
Batman (J. Haran) and Jayna (Susan Estes)

stuper_zan.jpg (8674 bytes)
Zan? Detective Biggs? (Tom Roddy) It's all so confusing!
Someone, quick, turn back time!

stuper_batmanrobin.jpg (15722 bytes)
Batman (J. Haran) & the Boy Wonder (Scott McShane)

stuper_jaynarobin.jpg (16696 bytes)
Jayna & the Boy (Girl?) Wonder (Lisette Bross)


The crew returns for a rerun!
(From L to R) Zach Eisenberg, Sam Toffler, Mark T.J. Lifrieri,
 Richard Gustafson, Stan Freitag, Rob Brink, Laura Simon-Ford,
 Bryan Bellomo and Timbre Henning...
In an evening dedicted to J Haran...BATMAN FOREVER.