Slasky Award 1999 Nominee for Best Song & Dance!

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The Musical!
Written & Directed by Gerald McClanahan
5/1/99 - 5/15/99

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heist_thegirls.jpg (15351 bytes) Alison Barnaby Linda Miller
Cecil Barnaby Tom Chalmers
Nicky Ventura Mark Auerbach
Trixie McGuire Melissa Roddy
Tom-Tom Jones Brian Chenowith
Miriam Molloy Tenny Priebe
Johnny Carpaccio Jordan Ancel
Graziella de la Borda Deva Nicole
Jewelry Store Owner J. Haran
Security Guard,
James 'Cruller' McCrea
Corey Klemow

The legendary auteur who brought you the heart-wrenching and award-winning, All About Eva returns with the first-ever CRIME SCENE musical!

A thriving metropolis. The type of city where anything can happen and usually does. A big town where cares are fast and the women in them...even faster. A place where the asphalt is hard and the men that walk it...even harder. Within its steel and glass canyons, the high life meets the low-down, the filthy rich meet the stinking poor, and the captains and kings brush by beggars and paupers. There are 8 million stories in Big City. This is one of them.

Just try and stop the music!

(Sing it to the tune of "My Favorite Things"!)

Johnny & Cecil & Tom-Tom & Nicky
Learned last week dealing with gals can be tricky
     Treat them as equals
     Their ideas don't scoff
'Cause you'll only wind up pissing them off!

Although the gals agree they love their fellas
Their stubborness to the plan--Graziella's!
     led Allson, Miriam
     and Trixie to
The scene of the jewel heist
     but what will they do?!?

Will their plan work?
Will they safe be?
Will they take a fall?
Folks, musical theater rules still decree
A sweet happy end...for all!

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Melissa Roddy as Trixie McGuire

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Deva Nicole as Graziella de la Borda

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Tenny Priebe as Mirriam Molloy

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Linda Miller as Alison Barnaby


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Melissa Roddy and Mark Auerbach

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Tenny Priebe and Brian Chenowith

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Deva Nicole and Jordan Ancel

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Linda Miller and Tom Chalmers