CRIME SCENE'S 1st Anniversary Prime Time Award Show Spectacular!
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anniv_bigfight.jpg (27654 bytes)
All Hell Breaks Lose! -
Mayhem marks Crime Scene at it's finest!

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Gotta Lotta Livin' To Do! -
HEIST! The Musical's! Brian Chenowith
reprises Tom-Tom Jones lipsynchin' classic.

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The Queen is Still Dead! -
The Archduke (Jim Tosney) and The Viscount (Scott Rabinowitz)

from The Queen is Dead, conspire to award the
Best Song & Dance award to All About Eva.

anniv_songneverbeentome.jpg (34630 bytes)
Fashion Designers Have Feelings Too -
All About Eva's Tiffany Saito takes Best Song & Dance for her

powerful portrayel as Irene Plymouth. Flanked from left to right by
Amy Bryson as Eva Harrison, Sharon MacMenamin as Fuzzy Abromowitz
and Jenifer Hamil as Judge Jody.

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