CRIME SCENE'S 1st Anniversary Prime Time Award Show Spectacular!
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anniv_presentsphilsokoloff.jpg (15784 bytes)
Serial Killers Have Feelings Too -
Actor, Publicist, and Cannabilistic Pedophile Portrayer (in Cereal Killer),

Phil Sokoloff presents the Eugene B. Slasky Crime Scene Lifetime Award
to Crime Scene co-creator and co-producer Danielle Surrette, in honor of her
tireless efforts to stop the spread of land mines across the world.

anniv_songmollymug.jpg (15127 bytes)
The Dancing Billionairess Returns! -
Lovable heiress and vixen, Molly Mugtree (Babe Hack)
from The Shocking Adventures of General Electrick! reprises
a number from the Best Song & Dance Nominated superhero vehicle.

anniv_presentssezchuan.jpg (15274 bytes)
The Short and the Long of It -
The diminutive Adam Bitterman as Colonel Szechuan,
and the lengthy Joe Jordon as Ma Pa To Fu
(both from Flying Fists of Fury...) present the award for

Audience Achievement to The Legendary Buck Silvertone.

anniv_awardbucksilver.jpg (17835 bytes)
The Toughest Prize to Win! -
The Legendary Buck Silvertone accepts the
Audience Achievement Award on behalf of his tireless
efforts to sit through Crime Scene almost every week!

anniv_bandlorddave.jpg (22926 bytes)
Lord Almighty! -
The Crime Lord of the Dance (Brad Friedman) mercifully

takes a bullet in the head. Guitarist, David Holcomb couldn't be happier.

anniv_partypauldaveslip.jpg (20084 bytes)
Back to my Liberal Roots! -
Guest Drummer from Texas, Paul "Pistol Packin'" Ridenour
is right at home with band leader and lingerie-lover, David Rodwin.

anniv_rehearsalscott.jpg (13617 bytes)
Yes, We do rehearse this crap (a little) -
Crime Scene Co-Creator and weekly Co-Producer takes the spotlight

in one our "instant" tech rehearsal Saturday afternoon.

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