Written by Paul Plunkett
Directed by Scott Rabinowitz

The Whisper David Holcomb
Anton Michael Franco
June Bronson Sharon MacMenamin
Pico LaCienega J. Haran

A series of daring cat burlglaries have racked the stylish isles of The Carribean. When Anton and his brother, known as The Whisper, venture into the field for another big score, the last people we were expecting were Pico and June, two of our favorite characters from the long running City of Angles! Honeymooning comfortably with the last of Crenshaw Fairfax III's ill gotten booty, Pico and June kick some serious cat burglar ass (without spilling a drop of Jack Daniels!)  And the big news, in this special one-night only suprise: June is preggers!

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Functioning alcoholic hitmen lovers...
Pico LaCienega (J. Haran) & June Bronson (Sharon Macmenamin)