Crime Story
Written by Rusty Gebhardt
Directed by Lisette Bross
Brilliant Choreography by Gerald McClanahan
12/4/99 - 12/18/99

Harry Jim Tosney
Todd Michael Loomis
Eric C. Johnson
Writer David Tillman
Chinese Food Guy
Young Lover
Rusty Gebhardt
Purse Snatcher
Stephan Rush
Woman Without Purse
Timbre Henning
Young Lover Jessie Marion
Flasher Jill Bennet
Captain Kirk Zack Eisenberg
Mr. Spock Gerald McClanahan
Bones Micky Governs
Ensign Dunsel Corey Klemow
Sexy Lady Tenny Priebe
Cindy Jill Bennett
Abby Wolfe
Meredith Amy Bryson
Don Quixote Rob Brink
Sancho Panza Benjamin Davis
The Script Doctor Scott McShane
Cowpoke Lisette Bross

This is the story of two cops. Well, sort of...It's the story of a writer, writing about two cops...Well, sort of...It's a story of things going from bad to worse...probably...some call The Script Doctor!!!

Bross and Tosney...
as oh...some gangster from Sock Dollager and Harry the Cop


Mr. McClanahan...
 as Mr. Spock