Sock Dolager & the Case of the Edible Fruit
Written by David Neilsen
Directed by James Tosney
12/4/99 - 12/18/99

Sock Dolager Patrick Towne
Scott McShane
Sally Sara Winterer
Felicia Muldoon Michelle Philippe
Ralph Borchard Bil Garrity
G.B. Geek Corey Klemow
Guido John Sylvain
Sherman Greensleeves
Enrique Muldoon
Corey Klemow
General Bosch Jay Harik
Thugs Lisette Bross
Benjamin Davis

Sock Dolager, private dick. Some guys don't mind facing death straight in the eye and laughing...this guy isn't one of 'em. He's a human punching bag, but he's hot on the trail for the killer of Enrique Muldoon, the Produce Tycoon! Grab your mangos and join the ride!

His name is Sock...Sock Dollager!
Her name is Muldoon...Felicia Muldoon!
Patrick Towne as Sock, Michelle Philippe as Felicia!

We could tell you who this Mad Scientist is,
 but then we'd have to kill him!
(Okay, it's Corey Klemow!)

Sock Dolager & the Case of the Edible Fruit originally appeared as a story on the Internet at The Brunching Shuttlecocks! Click here to read that version!

Followed up in CRIME SCENE by an all new case for Sock in 2000!
Sock Dolager & the Case of the Wicked Women!