Written by David Neilsen
Directed by James Tosney
9/9/00 - 9/23/00

Sock Dolager returns in an all new case!
And this time murder is on the menu!
Don't miss the private dick deep inside a public whorehouse!

From the author of Sock Dolager & the Case of the Edible Fruit! , Deprogramming Delilah, and BRAINS!

Sock Dolager Scott McShane
Sally Sara Winterer
Head Hooker Hannah Hammond Amy Bryson
Felicia Muldoon Michelle Philippe
Tammy the Receptionist Alex Sage
Terry Lisa Watson
Candy Jessie Marion
Deena Rubinson
Betty Ina Burke
Suzie Suzie Edie
Senator Sam Salmon Bryan Beery

Sock and some his Wicked Women...
(Clockwise from Top-Left) Michelle Philippe, Sara Winterer, ????,
 Scott McShane, Suzie Edie, Ina Burke, Alex Sage, Deena Rubinson



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