A three episode tour!
Written by Tom Chalmers & Thomas Roddy, Jr.
Directed by Tom Chalmers
2/12/00 - 2/26/00

With Gilligan... Brian Chenowith
the Skipper, too... Stan Freitag
John Harrington Bland
John Williams
the Millionaire... Bryan Bellamo
and His Wife... Linda Miller
a Movie Star... Bil "Mama" Garrity
the Professor... Tom Roddy
and Mary-Anne... Tabatha Hall
with Special Guest Star... Sam Toffler as "Bone Larson"
and another Special Guest Star... Lisa Grant as "The Girl Scout"

And finally, David Sparrow as "Nagillig"

They can build a mini resort community, but they can't fix a three foot hole in the side of a boat?! Find out why...

From the authors of You're a Dead Man, Charlie Brown!

Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tale that will take your breath
It started from this tropic port
And ended up in death

The mate's a mysterious stranger man
The skipper a pederast
5 passengers set sail with them
Escaping from their past, escaping from their past

Each week it looked like they'd be rescued
But then something would go wrong
If you think that was just a coincidence
You've drinking for too long, drinking for too long

These folks wanted nothing more
Than to stay on the desert isle
With Gilligan, the Skipper too
The millionaire and his wife
The movie star and the rest
Here on Killigan's Isle!