Who cares to fight evil? Not...
Negative Man!
superhero with a really bad attitude!
Written by Corey Klemow & Aaron Francis
(from an idea by Jefferson Smith)
Directed by Corey Klemow
One Night Only: 3/18/00

Followed up by Negative Man 2: "No Sweat!" in 2001!

Negative Man/
Kent Clarke
Scott McShane
Lena Lorn Kristy Zornes
Johnny Oldman Bryan Bellomo
Parry Ecru Mike Rainey
Richard Simmons Tom Chalmers
Millie Detra Payne
Narrator Brad Friedman
People in Crowd Mikhail Blokh
Paul Byrne
Ariadne Shaffer
HenchPeople Mikhail Blokh
Paul Byrne
Dean Jacobson
Melissa Roddy
Ariadne Shaffer

Negative Man was so Negative,
 we couldn't even get him to pose for a picture!

Negative Man's mortal enemy,
Richard Simmons, however (Tom Chalmers)
was so positive, we couldn't get him to stop posing!