Written by Jefferson Smith & Corey Klemow
Directed by Scott Rabinowitz
The superhero with the really bad attitude is back!
And he's squaring off against his new arch rival: Kathie Lee Gifford!

One Night Only: 5/12/01

Negative Man/
Kent Clarke
Scott McShane
Kathie Lee Gifford Tara-Beth Connolly
Cartman Adam Bitterman
Stan Zack Eisenberg
Kyle Aaron Haedt
Quiet Kid Steve Tanner
Lena Lorn Maria Celeste
Johnny Oldman Joel Christian
Parry Ecru Allen Lulu
The Riddler Herschel Bleefeld
Robin Rebecca Grace
Batman Scott Rabinowitz
Special Guest Stars...
Ben Davis as
Joe Hernandez-Kolski as "Momo the Mime"

Okay...Kathie Lee is always bright and cheery! Negative Man is not.
Tara-Beth Connoly and Scott McShane

She's so happy because she has those lovable little moppets from South Park held captive (er...working) in her sweatshop!
Aaron Haedt, Zack Eisenberg, Adam Bitterman and Steve Tanner

Meanwhile, Negative Man accidentally saves Robin from Riddler. Nice job! But wrong story.
Rebecca Grace, Scott McShane & Herschel Bleefeld

Making sense now?
Well...Negative Man doesn't really care.