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Written by David Rosenthal
Directed by Mark Auerbach

9/18/99 - 9/25/99 & 10/9/99

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Punter & Gates
Stan Freitag and

Punter Stan Freitag
The President Sam Toffler
The First Lady Alex Sage
Shirley Roeca
Radcliff Jeff Benninghofen
Motley Jessie Thompson
Gates Michelle Philippe
Christiana Frank
Felicity Christiana Frank
Pierce Larder Andrew Friedman
Michael Louden
Guard 1 Aldrich Allen
Gaurd 2 Ben Currier
Slinkly Etana Jacobson
Mario Ben Davis
Louie Zack Eisenberg

A Presidential CRIME SCENE that hits below The Beltway! The Commander in Chief's daughter has been kidnapped! The First Lady is frisky! The Senate is out to get the Prez! And he's got a deal with Coca-Cola to bomb Belgium! So what else is new?

From the author of Toasted Cavendish.

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The First Lady, of course.
Shirley Roeca

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Erlichman & Haldeman? No, worse.
Jessie Thompson and Jeff Benninghofen
as Motley & Radcliff