Written by beloved children's author, Dr. Jeuss
Directed by Joe Jordan
5/20/00 - 6/3/00

"Ooh, how I hate him.  I HATE him!  Don't you?"

Followed up in 2001 by
 "How Simon Stole Christmas!
Or, Who Slew Part 2 - Tthe Hubbullous Holiday Hullaballoo!

Sammy Paul Denniston
Zack Eisenberg
Tammy Lisette Bross
Mom Desi Doyen
Simon Rick von Schnier
The Whizzit Dean Jacobson
Mumpus Erik Ostergard
(Toys provided by Stan Freitag)

Simon Thaddeus, played with a sneer
 by the actor known as Rick Von Schnier.

Lisette Bross and Paul Denniston are not at all hammy
as the lovable but deadly siblings, Tammy and Sammy.

Desi Doyen was the Mom who always used her head,
except when her kids made the neighbor boy dead.

Then Eric Ostergard and Dean Jacobson made a visit,
As the great big Mumpus and the furry green Whizzit!