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How Simon Stole Christmas! Or, WHO SLEW PART II: The Hubbulous Holiday Hullaballoo!
Written by Dr. Jeuss
Directed by Joe Jordan
12/8/01 - 12/22/01

The Grinch was merely a furry green hack!
Get ready for trouble! Cuz Simon is back!!!

It's the Long Awaited Follow-Up to...

Who Slew Simon Thaddeus Mulberry-Pew?!

Sammy Fitzgivens Scott McShane
Henry Dittman
Tammy Fitzgivens Lisette Bross
"The Whizzit" Adam Bitterman
Simon Thaddeus Mulberry-Pew Rick von Schneir
The Galaxus 5000 Joe Jordan
The Whizzit Dean Jacobson
Mr. Christmas Victor Isaac

with Special Guest Star, Desi Doyen as Mom

Sammy and Tammy and even The Whizzit
are back for this hubbulous hullaballoo!...

(Scott McShane, Dean Jacobson & Lisette Bross)

But Old Mr. Christmas may not be so lucky!
He might not get to deliver his bags full of poo!...
(Victor Isaac)

Who is behind it? Of course! Simon Thaddeus Mulberry-Pew!
And his friend, The Galaxus 5000 is too!
(Dean Jacobson, The Galaxus 5000 & Rick Von Schneir)