EMPIRE - The Hollywood Years
Written & Directed by Gerald McClanahan
3/24/01 - 4/14/01

EMPIRE! Strikes back! Ain't fame a bitch?

Dandy Delgado Tom Chalmers
Jinx Sheffield Wagner Desi Doyen
Quinn Sullivan
Edwina/Bettina von Bismarck Tabatha Hall
Chastity Smythe Piper Henry
Haughty Sheffield Sharon Macmenamin
Denise Barnard
Amber Winterset Michelle Madden
Vixen Christo Tina Ballabio
Jessie Marion
Montgomery Christo Richard Gustafson
Johnny Chow Marty Yu
Delta Bay Tamara Pennington
Francesca Bay Alisha McKinney
Zeus Mykonos Mikhail Blokh
Monsignor Warren Kevin Delaney
The Lady in Red Kara Leigh
Officer Ruby Matt Saxe
Officer Tippet J Warner

And Special Guest Star...
Timbre Henning as...
Candelabra Sheffield Delgado

Vixen lusts after Dandy who lusts after Montgomery who is in love with Candelabra who hates Jinx who's slept with Johnny who's in cahoots with Amber to blackmail Candelabra who hates Chastity who's slept with Archipelago who was married to Candelabra who hates Jinx who's hated by Bettina who's the alternate personality of Edwina who's slept with Johnny who's also slept with Chastity who's blackmailing Haughty who hates Candelabra who's won over Montgomery who's the father of Vixen who lusts after Dandy who lusts after Montgomery who...you get the picture...All ending in the most HISTORICAL ENDING EVER for CRIME SCENE! (Hint: Keep your eye on the Grassy Knoll!)

A Double Wedding! The Happy Brides...
Jessie Marion and Timbre Henning

The Young Heiress...The Old Magnate
Tina Ballabio and Richard Gustafson

The "Young" Starlet
Denise Barnard

She can't get enough...He doesn't want any...
Jessie Marion and Tom Chalmers

The rising star and the "rising" star...
Michelle Madden and Marty Yu

Mother and Daughter Fashion Experts!
Tamara Pennington and Alisha McKinney

The good father...
Kevin Delaney

There to capture history in the making...
Matt Saxe, Kara Leigh and J Warner



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