Presented as part of 2001's 
4th Annual Shocktober Spooktacular!

From the criminal mastermind who brought you

Ten Little Actors
Written & Directed by Gerald McClanahan (duh!)
10/20/01 - 11/17/01

Ten little actors, locked in a room.
One of them was all of them are doomed!

Nine litte actors, performing for their lives.
If one of them refuses, all of them will die!

Eight little actors, trying to stay alive.
By the time this verse is over, there will only be five!

Five little actors, still not safe and sound.
A little twist will change their fates, and turn their world around!

Of all our little thespians, from ten, just three remain.
Who will finally take a bow, and take the stage again!

Dame Lillian Von Schnaus Michelle Philippe
Antonia Brooks Christine Lakin
Roland Phillips Bruno Oliver
Donovan Christian Andy Corren
Giovanni Weller John Wuchte
Esme Bennett Carla Jo Bailey
Gwendolyn Parker Lisette Bross
Ashley Koch Peter Mattsson
Scottie McCork Tom Chalmers
Mavis McCork Sharon MacMenamin

All ten...still alive...for now...
(Clockwise from bottom-left)
Peter Mattson, Andy Corren, Carla Jo Bailey, John Wuchte,
Bruno Oliver, Michelle Philippe, Christine Lakin, Sharon McMenamin,
Tom Chalmers and Lisette Bross.

The great act-tors of the stage...
Dame Lillian Von Schnaus
and Roland Phillips
(Michelle Philippe and Bruno Oliver)

The Scottish play?...Mavis and Scottie McCork.
(Sharon MacMenamin and Tom Chalmers)

Personal Assistants are always disposable...or are they?
(Christine Lakin services Michelle Philippe)