U.F.O. (Undeniably Funky Object)
Written by Mark Bate
Directed by Aldrich Allen

11/3/01 - 11/17/01

The truth was out there...Now it's here...In Nebraska!
And it's a bunch of Naked Disco Spitting Aliens!

Farmer Smith Chris Hart
Mrs. Farmer Smith Jessie Marion
Mr. Jamison Paul Byrne
John Victor Isaac
Gracey Lisa Anne Nicolai
Redneck Woman Meredith Anne Patt
Cletus Jeff Taylor
Billy Mikhail Blokh
Eustes J Warner
Deputy Wanda Crystal Keith
Announcer Brad Friedman
Infected Lisa Anne Nicolai
Darrin Jaques
Mary Hayes
Carla Jo Bailey
Elizabeth Griffin

This is the last known photo of Mr. & Mrs. Farmer Smith
(Chris Hart and Jessie Marion)

John the Reporter interviews the Redneck Woman to figure out what's going on...
(Victor Isaac and Meredith Anne Patt)

The sexy Deputy Wanda isn't much help...but she sure can dance!
(Crystal Keith)

Neither is John's Boss Mr. Jamison or his earstwhile secretary Gracie...
(Lisa Anne Nicolai and Paul Byrne)

On the other hand, John sure can dance! In this case, with locals Cletus and Billy.
(Jeff Taylor, Victor Isaac and Mikhail Blokh)