Victor Isaac be returning in the all-new,
 all-true, historical adventure tale...

Written & Directed by
Paul Byrne
3/22/03 - 4/12/03


Following up
Black History
Month Hit:
The Ebony

It's the return of the Ante-Bellum Zorro!
The Negro Bandito!
Back to emancipate the...unemancipated!
In an all-new tale!

Mary Todd Lincoln Shirley Anderson
Abraham Lincoln Joe Jordan
"Eli" Matt Saxe
"Moses" Dan Ewen
John W. Booth / The "Ebony Pimpernel" Rob Brink
Henry Dittman
Lt. Governor
Governor Tom E. Lee
Michael Pallansch
Archibald Vyllonne Jacob Sidney
Moses Vincent Isaac
Annabelle Lee Lisette Bross
Amy Arnelle
Eli, The Ebony Pimpernel Victor Isaac
Thee Bandeet from Barthelona! Paul Byrne
Kermit Toady David Nott
Jacob du Fouss Mike Lanahan
Jezebel du Fouss Dawn Akemi
Goufet du Fouss Scott McShane
Andy Corren
Sarah, a slave Ameenah Kaplan



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