The most disturbing CRIME SCENE of all
returns to finish whatever it began...

Written by Michael Franco & Joe Seely
Directed by Michael Franco
1/03 - 3/1/03

Yes...It's happening again...
For the last time...

EPISODE 1: “Welcome Back My Friends”
EPISODE 2: “The Boys are Back in Town"
EPISODE 3: “You Can't Always Get What You Want"
EPISODE 4: “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself"
EPISODE 5: “Let It Bleed"

Special Agent James Tiberius Dimes Loren Lazerine
The Dollman / Hammerboy Paul Plunkett
Mommy / The Sexy Lady 2 Jennifer Moyse
Becky Wahlstrom / Motorbaby Crystal Keith
General Fletcher Pruitt Charles A. Wilson
Aide / Dirty Sanchez Joe Fria
Billy / Theodore Ben Simonetti
Graham Graham Jackson
Major John Plunkett Mami Arizono
Delores Lorenzo Gonzalez
Conchita Pat Towne
Dutch / Special Agent Avram Schwartz Dean Jacobson
Man John Sylvain
Junko Abe Rob Farrior
Bootsy Marius Mazmanian
Angel 1 Stacie Knock
Angel 2 Julie Mullen
Angel 3 Carla Joe Bailey
Angel 4 V. Kim Blish

Special thanks to Jason Tuttle, Brad Friedman, Desi Doyen
and to all the technicians, actors, and members of Sacred Fools.
Thanks for letting us play.



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