More timely now than ever...
Ted Kaczynski's SHIP OF FOOLS
Adapted & Directed for the stage by
Brad Friedman
From a short story by Ted Kaczynski!

(Yes, that Ted Kaczynski!)
(Don't believe us? Read the Original Press Release
for the Original Production of this historic event!)
(Or read TK's actual short-story!)

One Night Only: 3/1/03

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"Ted Kaczynski's SHIP OF FOOLS"!

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The first CRIME SCENE ever written by an actual felon!
(That we know of.)

Ted / Cabin Boy Brad Friedman*
Anglo Seaman Scott McShane*
Lady Passenger Mary Hayes
Mexican Sailor Tom Chalmers
American Indian Sailor Bryan Krasner
Bosun Stan Freitag*
Animal Lover Ashley West Leonard
College Professor Corey Klemow*
Third Mate Robert Machemer
Second Mate David LM Mcintyre
Captain Adam Bitterman*

* Denotes actors reprising their original roles!

The Unabomber makes his worldwide stage debut in this adaptation of the short story that he wrote in prison for Off! Magazine.  The staging of this controversial parable was a historic event for CRIME SCENE when originally produced in 1999!



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