Cat's got our tongue...
Written & Directed by Paul Plunkett
2/12/00 - 2/26/00

Chuck Scott McShane
Cop #1 Michael Franco
Cop #2 K. Ken Johnston
Sgt. Pat Towne
Sara Donna Tina Charles
Little Tommy Tom Chalmers
Evil Man Aldrich Allen
Evil Thugs K. Ken Johnston
Michael Franco
Singer Michael Franco
Barkeep Adam Bitterman
Stretch K. Ken Johnston
Bowser John Sylvain
Nightclub Diva Pogo Saito
PLUS! The Cat City Dancers!
Including: Mary Hayes, Patrick Towne, 
K. Ken Johnston, and many, many more!

It's the cat's meow...really!

From the author of City of Angles (the longest-running CRIME SCENE to date!) and Crocodile Ghandi: Solver of Crimes!

The Cat's Meow...
Scott McShane as Chuck.

Previously in Cat City...Meow, meow, meow...meow!
Patrick Towne as Sgt.

Scaredy cat!
Aldrich Allen as Evil Man! Donna Tina Charles as Sara!

Cat's got a tongue!
Michael Franco as Lounge Singer

The baddest cat in the whole damn town!
Adam Bitterman as Barkeep with CRIME SCENE Producer
 Scott Rabinowitz over his shoulder (carefully monitoring
the comedy quotient!)