On Tuesday, September 21st 1999,
10 Sacred Fools, including the writer/director,
set out to rehearse a Crime Scene.

On Wednesday, September 22nd,
the writer/director disappeared.

On Thursday, September 23rd,
one of the actors disappeared.

One Week later...that Crime Scene script was found.

crimeseenlogo.gif (11142 bytes)
Written & Directed by Gerald McClanahan
9/25/99 & 10/9/99 - 10/16/99

Juliette Juliette Armstrong
Lisette Lisette Bross
Amy Amy Bryson
Dawn Dawn Hillman
Etana Etana Jacobson
Scott Scott McShane
Detra Detra Payne
Jessie Jessie Thompson
Sam Sam Toffler
Aaron Aaron Francis
Scott Scott Rabinowitz
With Special, Shocking, Stunning, Suprise Appearances by:
Gerald McClanahan
Piper Henry

And among the Many Crime Scenes within Crime Scenes...

"Norse & Soused"
Written by Gerald McClanahan
Directed by Detra Payne

Deja the Familiar Juliette Armstrong
Margot the Kidder Amy Bryson
Loofah the Sponge Dawn Hillman
Felicity Gold Etana Jacobsen
Frida the Extraneous Michelle Madden
Hagar the Slack Scott McShane
Katcher the Wry Jessie Thomspon
Prof. Bartholomew Gold Sam Toffler

And then there's...

"Crime Seen!"
Written by Alan Smithee
Directed by Scott Rabinowitz

Lincoln San Vicente Adam Bitterman
Brad Friedman Tom Chalmers
Tom Chalmers as "Brad Friedman" Corey Klemow
Colonel Szechuan Bil Garrity
Scott Rabinowitz Michael Louden
Guinan Sharon MacMenamin
June Bronson Jennifer Wu
Li'l Davey Marty Yu
Aaron Francis Aaron Francis

Who dunnit? We dunnit! Though if you can figure it out, you're a better person than us! The self-referential CRIME SCENE sensation from the auteur genius who brought you All About Eva and HEIST!: The Musical returns to find out if we can take it as well as we can dish it out! A must for CRIME SCENE junkies! (You know who you are...and you should be ashamed of yourselves!) With an ending so stunning even the cast didn't know who dunnit!!!

* The incidents portrayed are fictitious. The names, and any similarity of character or history of any person herein, are, well... not entirely coincidental.

** Representatives from S.A.G., A.F.T.R.A and Actors Equity were on hand during the production to ensure that no Sacred Fools were harmed in the making of this CRIME SCENE.

The cast of...one of the plays within plays...
Clockwise from bottom left)...uh, never mind. You figure it out!

Tom Chalmers as This Week In Crime's Brad Friedman

Corey Klemow as This Week In Crime's Brad Friedman
(Can't they leave that man alone!?!)

Amy Bryson and a hornier-than-usual Lisette Brosse.

Detra Payne and a horny-as-usual Scott McShane.

The sweet-and-lovable Michelle Madden.
Who would never kill anybody...or would she?