Music & Lyrics by Tom Lehrer
Conceived & Staged by
Desi Doyen and Brad Friedman
Accompanied by Patty Lund
One Night Only: 6/17/00

The sweet sounds of crime...

Followed up later by:
  CRIME SONG 2!: Randy's Revenge!
CRIME SONG 3!: Hollywood Babble On!
 CRIME SONG 4!: The Lady Killers!

"The Irish Ballad" Performed by Jessie Thompson
"My Home Town" Performed by Brad Friedman
"I'll Hold Your Hand in Mine" Performed by Jim Tosney
"I Got It From Agnes" Performed by The Ensemble

The Group...From Left...
 Brad Friedman, Jessie Thompson, Jim Tosney and Patty Lund

The Elegant Ms. Patty Lund...
The pianist prepares for a difficult performance