CRIME SONG! 2: Randy's Revenge!
(or, Really Big Crimes Through History)
Music & Lyrics by Randy Newman
Musical Direction & Staging by Brenda Varda
One Night Only: 9/23/00

he sweet sounds of crime return!
 It's the musical retort to the original smash hit CRIME SONG!

Followed up later by:
 CRIME SONG 3!: Hollywood Babble On!
 CRIME SONG 4!: The Lady Killers!

Long Ago: "The Great Nations of Europe"
All the Time: "God's Song"
Maybe in the Near Future "Political Science"

All songs performed by:
Matt King
Deena Rubinson
Charles A. Wilson

with Brenda Varda on the keyboards!

The Ensemble...
From Left) Deena Rubinson, Matt King, Charles A. Wilson & Brenda Varda



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