CRIME SONG 3!: Hollywood Babble On!
Music & Lyrics by Brenda Varda
Directed by Brenda Varda
One Night Only: 11/4/00

RIME SCENE's smash musical franchise returns once again! And, for the first time, featuring all original songs! If you loved CRIME SONG! or CRIME SONG 2!, (or even if you didn't) what's not to love about CRIME SONG 3?!

Later Followed by:
CRIME SONG 4!: The Lady Killers

"Three Picture Deal"
Sung by Pierre Fromage
(aka Jonathan Goldstein)
"Isnít She Good?"
Sung by Brenda Varda
Thranciní by Jessica Schroeder
"Personal" Sung by Shelley Wenk

(special thanks to Johnny G. for help in da makiní!)

(From Left) Jonathon Goldstein, Brenda Varda, Jessica Schroeder and Shelley Wenk