Noche Negro
A Guest CRIME SCENE from the Zoo District!
Written & Directed by Joe Seely and Michael Franco
7/31/99 - 8/14/99

Joe Paul Plunkett
Becky Becky Wahlstrom
Mommy/Sexy Lady Shelley Wenk
Lorenzo Lorenzo Gonzalez
Ricardo Ricardo Zeger
Mr. X Antony Sandoval
Psychic Girl Jenifer Hamel
Special Agent Tiberius Dimes
Loren Lazerine
Victim in the Bag ???

Just try and make sense of this one...we dare you! Blowing even us away, and crossing what few lines we have left, the first guest CRIME SCENE from the folks at the Zoo District is a moving story about a lovely little boy, his computer, and his mother and her vacuum cleaner. You do the math. Then of course, there's a couple of gay Mexican gangsters just to make sure it remains a show for the whole family!

(Followed up in 2000 by Noche Negro 2 !)
(And again in 2003 with Noche Negro 3 !)

noche_group.jpg (27022 bytes)
Clockwise from bottom-left, writer/directory Joe Seely,
Shelley Wenk, Paul Plunkett, Becky Wahlstrom,
Ricardo Zeger, Lorenzo Gonzalez, and ????