Presented as part of the very scary Halloween Series 2000....

Noche Negro 2
Written & Directed by
Michael Franco & Joe Seely
10/14/00 - 11/4/00

Hit me, baby, one more time!
 From the twisted creators of
-- the creepiest CRIME SCENE of all time --
 comes an all new bizarre and tasteless chapter! It's happening again...

(And it happened yet again in 2003! In Noche Negro 3!)

Special Agent Tiberius Dimes Loren Lazerine
Psychic Boy / Billy / Theodore Ben Simonetti
Sister Mary Diva Christine Deaver
Sister Lula Loren Rubin
Sister Ba-da-bing Elizabeth Dement
Sister Ming Kara Feely
Dr. Bruno Bruno Oliver
FBI Agent Ben Davis
Becky Becky Wahlstrom
Mr. X Antony Sandoval
Mr. Z Patrick Towne
Lillit Robin Fuqua
Marci Laura Esposito
The Quiet Girl Mami Arizono
Vince Ariel Narcevicius
Volodia Charles A. Wilson
Stas Joe Fria
Joe / The Devil Paul Plunkett
The Surgeon Peter Alton
The Nurse Lee Bradley
Graham Graham Jackson
Lorenzo Lorenzo Gonzalez
Ricardo Ricardo Zeger

Lorenzo and Mr. Z
Lorenzo Gonzalez and Patrick Towne

Those Guys...And that stuffed animal that's taped to Him
Graham Jackson and Ben Simonetti

The Whole Crew...
Too many to name...but aren't they good lookin'?!