"It's a Wonderful Death" returns in December 2000
 as a Full-Length Holiday X-Travaganza!

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It's a Wonderful Death
Written by Brad Friedman
Directed by Benjamin Davis

12/4/99 - 12/18/99

George Bailey...the most hated man in Bedford Falls! And you thought Mr. Potter was bad! You may recognize this beloved Christmas Classic...then again, things aren't always what they seem...one man effects the lives of so many others. And they're none too happy about it!

George Bailey Scott Rabinowitz
Mary Hatch Gabby Anderman
Lisa Grant
Violet Bick Tenny Priebe
Harry Bailey Jordan Ancel
Bil Garrity
Peter Bailey Bruno Oliver
Ma Bailey Stephanie Bell
Elizabeth Warner
Henry F. Potter Stan Freitag
Potter's Assistant Eric C. Johnson
Annie Aldrich Allen
Sam Wainwright Richard Gustafson
Ernie, the Cab Driver Zack Eisenberg
Ol' Man Gower Dean Jacobson
Cranky Old Man John Sylvain
Chairman of the
Bailey Building & Loan
Board of
Jeff Benninghoffen
Uncle Billy Steven Rozic
Rudy Decon-Bailey Gerald McClanahan
Joe Richard Gustafson
Resident of Pottersville P.J. Byrne
Mrs. ZeeZee Linda Miller
Clarence Patrick Towne
Joseph Benjamin Davis
Jesus Aaron Francis
God Brad Friedman

From the author of Ted Kazcinski's Ship of Fools and This Week In Crime!

Don't let the good looks for you...
Scott Rabinowitz as that son-of-a-bitch, George Bailey!

The lovely Mary Hatch, the despicable Boy George (Bailey),
and that trampy Violet Bick!
Gabby Anderman, Scott Rabinowitz, Tenny Priebe

Uncle Billy...Getting a clue...
Steven Rozic

Mr. Potter...The richest man in town...
Stan Freitag