In an all-new Adventure!
The Furthering Adventures of Spotted Jay!
Written by Victor Isaac
Based on characters originally & masterfully created by Tom Kiesche
Frankenstein, Vicki and then again in The Adventures of Spotted Jay!

Directed by Brad Friedman
4/20/02 - 5/4/02

Your favorite pornographer slash detective is coming home to LA!
And Lady T is coming with him! Along with Tim, a few new friends,
and maybe even the Spotted One's pop!

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Spotted Jay Victor Isaac
Lady T Lisette Bross
Tim Brad Friedman
Chunky P Wyatt Cenac
David Wendell
Del Mar McDuffy Eric Page
Lady Q Shirley Anderson
Dotted I Vincent Isaac
Registration Pimp Aldrich Allen
Rhonda Katie Furlong
Orvil Tom Kiesche
Doctor Paul Byrne
Nurse Angela Rubino
"The Man" Gerald McClanahan
Announcer Kevin Delaney