Frankenstein, Vicki
Written by Tom Kiesche
Directed by Brad Friedman
From the team that brought you Murderous Camoflauge and Creature Comforts...
Comes an all new Thriller / Suspense / Drama / Romantic Comedy / Porn Story with a Heart!
3/17/01 - 4/14/01

An electrifying new tale...comes BACK to life!

Dr. Zabenko Nancy Barnes
Bruno Tom Kiesche
Vicki Crystal Keith
Darla Kirstin Burbank
Eugene Jack Turnbull
Cara Jenna Z. Wilson
Missy Alisha McKinney
Trisha Carla Jo Bailey
Troy Tim Munday
Swartz Scott Stein
Kenny Matt Duggan
Uncle Lou Jay Harik
Principal Kiesche Ronald J. Kiesche
Swartzy's Mom Gail Borges
Detective Springstep David Sparrow
Stan Freitag
Detective Mobbet John Williams
Zoe Ruth Silveira
Lieutenant Nipp Brad Friedman
* Spotted Jay Victor Isaac
* Lady T Nicole Feenstra
The Reporter Shirley Anderson
Man John Prince
Male Townie Darrin Jaques
Male Townie Two Patrick Grasso
Male Townie Three Matt Lussier
Female Townie Melissa Roddy
Female Townie Two Ingrid Koopman
Female Townie Three Atim Udoffia

* These two had their own spin-off storyline later!
 Check out "The Adventures of Spotted Jay,
Pornographer Slash Detective"

Just your average, all-America, teenage girl...
with a monster of a family history!
Crystal Keith

The Kids at school used to tease her...
Man, was that a bad idea...
(Clockwise from top-left) Tim Munday, Jenna Z. Wilson, Lizzie Lulu (what's she doing there?!), Carla Jo Bailey (partially hidden), Matt Duggan, Scott Stein, Alisha McKinney and Kirstin Burbank

The school guidance counselor tried to help her...
It didn't work...
Jack Turnbull

The neighbors warned the cops...
They didn't believe her...
David Sparrow, Ruth Silveira and John Williams

Well, maybe one did...
But he had his own set of problems...
Brad Friedman

Her Uncle Lou only made things worse...
Jay Harik and Tim Munday

Funerals were held, as bodies...
and monsters began to pile up...
Too many to name...We'll leave it to you!

But it was too late...
Scott Stein and Troy Munday

...Cause monsters just wanna have fun...
Alisha McKinney and Tim Munday

...Alotta fun...
Stan Freitag and John Williams

Of course the media was there...
Shirley Anderson

...And opportunists came out of the woodwork...
Nicole Feenstra and Victor Isaac
(as Lady T & Spotted Jay! Who got a spin-off out of it!)

Even the finest staff at the finest sanatorium could not contain...
Frankenstein, Vicki!
Nancy Barnes and Tom Kiesche
(He wrote it! Blame him!)

Thanks...and Mary Shelly.



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