From the team that wasted your time with 
Creature Comforts
, Murderous Camoflauge and Frankenstein, Vicki!

Written by Tom Kiesche
Directed by Brad Friedman

5/12/01 - 5/26/01

That guy from Frankenstein, Vicki is back...and he's one bad motha...with a whole new set of dig? Ya see, a priest, a nun and a rabbi walk into his new office...No really! You can't write this shit!

Followed up with "The FURTHERING Adventures of...Spotted Jay!" in 2002!

Spotted Jay Victor Isaac
Lady T Lisette Bross
Priest Pat Whitey Broughton
Paul Byrne
Nun Nancy Dezhda Mountz
Rabbi Robinstein Steve Rozic
Tim / Tom Brad Friedman
Buddhist Barbara Stephanie Bell
Orville Scott Rabinowitz
Sheriff Sam Tom Kiesche
Fred Dewar Calhoun
Candy Double D Melons Dawn Hillman
Vixen Assets Carla Jo Bailey
Announcer Kevin Delaney

Lady T and Spotted Jay...Happy in their new town
Lisette Bross and Victor Isaac

...Until a Priest, a Rabbi, a Nun (and a Buddhist)
walk into their office!
Whitey Broughton, Steve Rozic, Dezhda Mountz & Stephanie Bell

Sheriff Sam is dead and these clergyfolks have alterior motives!

But wait! It's Sherriff Sam after all!
Tom Kiesche

Are things about to get worse for Spotted Jay?!'s just some porn star friends in some crazy outfits!
Carla Jo Bailey, Calhoun & Dawn Hillman