Business Partnership Opportunities
with Sacred Fools Theater Company
and their production of


With NEVER BEFORE HEARD MUSIC from the composer!

Download the Business Opportunity Letter! (pdf)

The Mystery of Edwin Drood will be performed in September 2007.
There are many ways for your business or organization partner with Sacred Fools for mutual benefits! Some of these opportunities include:

Sponsor Drood! Donate to the show on behalf of your business, and enjoy similar benefits to those received by individual donors (see attached donor levels). At the $500 level or beyond, your business will be listed on all Drood postcards, emails, banners and other materials, which will be seen by over 10,000 people between July 15 and Sept 21 when the show opens For higher levels, your business can have their name and logo painted on the set, seen and referred to by every patron (over 2,000) who attend the production, or become a Grand Detective Donor and have your information headline all Drood promotional materials!

Advertise in our program! The Drood program will be given to over 2,000 patrons to the show (more if the production extends beyond its November 4 closing date!) and an ad of your design could be read by each and every one! Ads are available in page ($100), page ($150) and full page ($250) sizes.

Donate services or products! Dont want to spend cash? No problem! Our fundraising event, DROOD ROCKS YOU! on July 28th will include a raffle donate goods or services and get full retail value in sponsorship or advertising exchange! Or talk to us about what materials we need for the production itself (lumber, paint, furniture, etc) and arrange to exhange these materials instead!

Buy tickets! Drood has been hailed as one of the most exciting, fun-filled shows in the last twenty years why not treat your employees and staff to a night at the theatre! Discount rates are available for groups, or private parties can be arranged just for your company! Let your employees hunt down the murderer of Edwin Drood together!

Hold a work-donation day with your staff! Over the next three months, there are many opportunities for your employees to get involved with Sacred Fools and the creation of Drood through marketing efforts (distributing postcards and posters), creation of the set (building, painting, etc) or serving as practice audiences for the actors (in our four previews, at an even more discounted rate!) If youre interested in arranging a day where your staff comes to donate their time to a community building event with our theatre, contact us and well find a scenario that best fits your needs!

To speak to us about any of these opportunities, please email us at or call our Business Partnerships Manager, Douglas Clayton, at 818-419-2054! We look forward to speaking with you!

- Drood Has Closed; Thanks for your Interest! -