June 2024, Sunday
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The Planet Earth Farewell Concert
Time: 1:00pm PT
Location: 1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038
book, music & lyrics by Jonas Oppenheim
directed by Jonas Oppenheim

WORLD PREMIERE! THE PLANET EARTH FAREWELL CONCERT is a musical satire about the climate crisis. Planet Earth performs her final concert, revisiting her greatest hits, reuniting with old friends, and retelling old jokes. Combining cabaret, sketch, and agitprop, it's a funny, absurd, provocative look at where we are, where we're going, and what we can do about it. Featuring special paid appearance by Taylor Swift.

NOTE: Planet Earth asks each guest to bring a story, photo, song, or other memento of your time with Planet Earth. It will make her so happy!

Performing on the Broadwater Mainstage.

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This Show Is Surrounded by True Events
Time: 3:30pm PT
Location: 6322 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038
written by Pamela Eberhardt
concept by J. Bailey Burcham & Pamela Eberhardt
directed by Scott Leggett

WORLD PREMIERE! "We laugh so we don't cry." A play that highlights the frustrations in our justice and prison systems with comedy while leading an unsuspecting audience to a gut punch of truth.

17 years ago, Penny was the foreman on the jury of a murder trial that shook the nation. She's lived with the guilt of having put an innocent man on death row by leading the jury to vote guilty based on circumstantial evidence and her infatuation with the manipulative prosecuting attorney. Now she must face her past and fight to right the wrongs that led to the conviction and sentencing of Mr. Shiloh Beck.

Our justice system is all over the place. As is the tone of this play.

Today's show is presented both live and streaming!

Performing in the Broadwater Black Box.

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Time: 5:00pm PT
Location: 1078 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038
written by Byron Coolie & Sidney Edwards
based on the comedy and life experiences of Byron Coolie
directed by Sidney Edwards

He's only got five minutes to make you laugh! The pressure is on, but this young comic still has a lot to learn. As he travels from city to city, Byron Coolie questions his self-worth, navigates the entertainment industry, and confronts racial injustice. YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

Performing in the Broadwater Studio.

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