July 2022, Friday
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Three Guys, One Groupon
Time: 8:00pm PT
Location: 1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038
by J. Bailey Burcham
directed by Rebecca Larsen


THREE GUYS, ONE GROUPON is a chance for audiences to take a load off with their four new best friends, Geoff, Craigory, Stan and Ollie. On this, a very special day, the men (played by women) share their wholesome hearts as they crack some beers and watch the sun go down.

This often absurd exploration of sweetness, masculinity, friendship and love is a comedy that is guaranteed to keep ou in a consistent state of giggle. A spoonful of sugar reminding us that while we may not be promised tomorrow, we'll always have each other.

Performing on the Broadwater Mainstage.

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