September 2021, Saturday
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The Word
Time: 8:00pm PT
written by & starring Victor Isaac
directed by JJ Mayes

Reverend Johnson, the founder and pastor of the First Church of the Holy Homeboy, loves to spend his time sipping on Tanqueray and tonics while preaching the gospel from The Homeboys Bible, a version of the Bible he personally translated, "so every motherfu**er can understand." But after taking some time to think about things in his life, he decides to write a letter to the parole board on behalf of LeShaun, an inmate who, if he is to be believed, has never done anything wrong and is only in jail because of a misunderstanding, "...so I ended up pinning him against the wall with the knife against his neck and he said I tried to kill him!" The letter gets LeShaun released and sets the two men on a journey towards each other where they will work to settle some old scores, realizes some truths, and discover that the hardest person to forgive is yourself.

From the creative forces behind such award-winning fringe shows as "Cookie and the Monster," "Definition of Man," "Lamprey: Weekend of Vengeance," and "Easy Targets" comes the hilarious and heartwarming adventure of Reverend Johnson and LeShaun. THE WORD was born in our late night show "Serial Killers" at Sacred Fools in 2012, and has now been adapted into a one man show that was the winner of the 2018 Hollywood Fringe award for best solo performance. So come enjoy a Tanqueray and tonic and let the Rev give you the word. And don't worry, if you get confused, LeShaun will be more than happy to explain, because, you see, what had happened was...

In the Broadwater Black Box AND streaming live online. Proof of vaccination or negative test within 72 hours and mask required for in-person attendance.

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