SACRED FOOLS | DARK NIGHT SERIES 2000 - Sweet and Sour Tears


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Sweet & Sour Tears: One Heartachin' Thrance

Music by Ray Charles
Directed & Choreographed by
 Jessica Schroeder

And now featuring BABE HACK!
July 18th - August 2nd, 2000
Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ 8pm
Reservations: 310.281.8337

New Location!
Glaxa Studios
3707 Sunset (between Lucille & Maltman)
Tickets $10.00
Dinner/Theater package available
at CIRXA restuarant (next door) $25.00
(includes appetizer & entree)

Late-Night Friday shows added!!!
May 23rd - June 13th, 2000
Tuesdays @ 8pm
Fridays @ 11pm
Reservations: (310) 281-8337

* THRANCE - A highly emotional & melodramatic combination of Dance and Theater.

Produced by 
Stephanie Bell & Aldrich C. Allen

Aldrich Allen, Tina Ballabio, Denise Barnard, Stephanie Bell, Kirstin Burbank, Marshall Davis, Mark T.J. Lifrieri, Gerald McClanahan, Paul Plunkett, Pogo Saito, Alisa Steen, Christienne Wadsworth and Andy Wolf

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Ray Charles' "Sweet and Sour Tears"
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