"Funny! Zany!...RETRO RADIO will help one remember those thrilling days of yesteryear!"
 - Accessibly LIVE

All Proceeds from the Wednesday, Sep 12th performance of
RETRO RADIO will be donated to the American Red Cross.
Please Join Us!

An Evening of All-New, Old Time Radio!
LIVE on Stage!

Henry Ford's Science Fiction Theater of the Airwaves presents...
"Buzz Edsel versus the Giant Jupiterians" by Paul Byrne

"Homicide Hunch" by James Venturini

Slim Rider, Cowboy Shapeshifter in...
"Chances, Slim or Nun" by Paul Byrne

(additional material by Paul Byrne and Corey Klemow)

Directed by Paul Byrne & Jessie Marion

Featuring the vocal talents of...
Paul Byrne, Kevin Delaney, Victor Isaac,
Ruth Silveira & Alisa Steen

Live Sound Effects by Mikhail Blokh
Special Appearances by Corey Klemow
And Musical Guest Cindy Caddel

Retro Radio

Tuesday & Wednesday @ 8pm
September 4th - 19th, 2001

Tickets: $10
Reservations: (310) 281-8337
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RETRO RADIO premiered as part of our Saturday Summer Series
in July of 2001, and returned as a monthly show in 2002!



At the Sacred Fools Theatre, the mid-week production of RETRO RADIO, is a take off of a recreation of a wacky 1940’s radio variety hour.

In this radio show --‘The Biz Billingham Radio Review’ -- Biz, a New York based radio comic, is presently in Hollywood shooting a comic feature at Paramount. So he moves his radio cast to Hollywood. However, Biz can’t get to the studio due to a traffic accident with a traveling circus wagon!! So the show must go on, with three mini radio shows within the variety show. There’s science fiction adventure with "Buzz Edsel Vs. The Giant Jupiterians”, hard boiled detective thrills with “Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective”, and western action with “Slim Rider, Cowboy Shapeshifter”. All of this fun and mayhem is presented by its sponsor, Sacred Fools (plugging other SF productions, all in 1940-ish radio commercials!)

The entire cast, consisting of Jessie Marion, Kevin Delaney, Alisa Steen, Corey Klemow, Ruth Silveira, Victor Isaac, Paul Byrne, Jim Donavon, and Cindy Caddel, perform this show, (with manual sound effects) in a real-time hour format. It’s funny, zany, yet it's all too short, leaving the audience wanting more!!

Never mind the fact that one can’t remember life before TV! RETRO RADIO will help one remember those thrilling days of yesteryear, give or take a fib or two!

-- Rich Borowy
Accessibly Live