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The Glorious & Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid- The Greatest Serial Killer of our Time!

A Wild West Show & Cabaret

Created by Joe Peracchio & Members of Tricklock Company:
Chad Brummett, Kristín de la O, Kevin R. Elder, Byron Laurie,
Summer Olsson & Kate Schroeder

"Goofy, droll and physically unstoppable, this youthful and exceptionally talented ensemble from New Mexico is so determined to get in the audience's face and give everyone a good time that it's tough to resist..."

Chris Jones ~ Chicago Tribune

Tricklock Company (Winner of the 2000 Seattle Fringe Festival Artistic Pick Award, the prestigious Albuquerque Arts Alliance Bravo Award, and voted Best Theatre Company five years running in the Weekly Alibi Best of Burque readers poll) is hot on the International Tour Trail with its original production of The Glorious & Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid – The Greatest Serial Killer of Our Time! A Wild West Show & Cabaret - a high flyin’, six-shootin’, acrobatic carnival straight outta the tumbleweeds of New Mexico. Having premiered in March 2002 …Billy the Kid…has since traveled all over tarnation, most recently completing a Wild-West-Wins-the-World tour in 2004 of Chicago, Krakow, Belgrade and Cologne. And hey Cowboy, we ain’t tired yet – read more about this exciting new show!

The Glorious and Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid…

Tie up your horses, lock the barn, load the six-shooter and round up the Women Folk - The Glorious and Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid, created and performed by Tricklock Company, is blowin’ through a town near you! Combining the elements of early frontier theatre, melodrama, circus and cabaret, Tricklock Company has created a time-warped Wild West extravaganza like no other! Led by the famed entertainer Wild Bill, this leathery band of cowboys-turned-performers tell the hysterically warped and grotesque story of how the west was won through the heroic and murderous deeds of its most famous outlaw – Billy the Kid. Spurs a’shining and whips a’crackin’, The Glorious and Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid exposes a society "drunk with manifest destiny"; a tumbleweed landscape filled with a culture of violence that took a young man with every potential and twisted him into a ruthless murderer… Hero…? Icon!

Enter the dark and twisted carnival of Sheriff Danger and behold the notorious trigger finger! Gasp at daring circus feats, drunken saloon brawls, unthinkable acrobatics, terrifying magicians, and untamed Burlesque cabaret acts! Indulge your fantasies with the popular cowboy legends and dime store novels of the day! Experience a surreal sound-scape like no other! The score, created for Tricklock by Albuquerque composer and sound designer CK Barlow, features Tango, Corridos and Flamenco guitar, Latin Liturgical hymns, dusty trail songs, and barnyard creatures of 1881! Weep at untold spectacles of outrageous terror and magnificent beauty!

Set in 1881, the year Billy the Kid met his demise, this surreal and high-energy Wild West Show and Cabaret plunges gleefully into the American fascination with gunplay and reckless violence. The Glorious and Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid digs deep into the roots of America - identifiable to many in the world by its affinity for wild brutality – and exposes our culture's tendency to unconsciously and consciously glorify our outlaws and serial killers. It is a sociological lineage spurred by Billy Bonney and embodied by the Columbine Killers, the Belt-Way Sniper, and even Hannibal the Cannibal. The Glorious & Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid - The Greatest Serial Killer of our Time! A Wild West Show & Cabaret paints a sweet, hysterical and ultimately terrifying portrait of the boy, the bloodlust and the killers crown we have passed down from generation to generation - from Billy the Kid to our youth of today; it asks the question, “Who will wear it next?”

“…the rip-roarin’est, rootin’-darn-tootin’est celebration of bloodshed in the West. Yee-haw!” – 

Steven Robert Allen
 ~Albuquerque Weekly Alibi

Tricklock Company is an international theatre organization founded in 1993 whose mission is to create, tour, and produce theatrical productions as a permanent resident company committed to artistic risk, physicality, absurdism, and poetic work. Tricklock Company will continue touring The Glorious and Bloodthirsty Billy the Kid through the Spring of 2006 – where, for it’s final production, it will be featured in the Revolutions International Theatre Festival as a special event celebrating Albuquerque’s Tri-Centennial anniversary. Learn more at

Tricklock Company: New Mexico’s Premier Resident International Touring Ensemble, a Non-profit Professional Theatre Organization

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