Ryan is Lost

by Nathan Wellman
directed by Michael Nankin

APRIL 22 - MAY 14, 2014
Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ 8pm

Tickets: $15
Reservations: (310) 281-8337 or Buy Tickets Online

“Let’s just sit. Nothing bad can happen if we just sit.”

WINNER OF THE HOLLYWOOD FRINGE EZRA BUZZINGTON SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE AWARD FOR BEST WRITING & BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE, AND NOMINATED FOR BEST MALE PERFORMANCE AND BEST PRODUCTION!  Siblings Frank and Avis have lost their nephew, Ryan, in a mall. They wait at a pre-agreed-upon meeting spot for him to show up. Even as it becomes increasingly obvious that the boy is never coming back, that more action is needed, they’re too terrified to do anything more. Instead they stay at their bench, tearing into each other about their own personal tragedies, until they've become so wrapped up in their individual lonelinesses and failures that they’ve practically forgotten why they’re waiting at the bench in the first place.  The Examiner: “Masterpiece… Wonderfully directed by Michael Nankin, this play is relentless in its pacing.”


David Haverty as Frank
Brittany Allen as Avis


Producers - Nathan Wellman & David Mayes
Associate Producer - Bijou Vann
Assistant Director - Nathan Wellman
Lighting Designer - Douglas Gabrielle
Costume Designer - Liz Nankin
Sound Designer - Steve Shaw
Stage Manager
- Aaron Francis
Poster Design
- Daniel Batalles & Joseph Aaron
Promo Photographer - Shaela Cook Photography

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At a Glance
APRIL 22- MAY 14, 2014
Tues-Weds @ 8pm
Written by
Nathan Wellman
Directed by
Michael Nankin
David Haverty as Frank
Brittany Allen as Avis